Important Features of a Fully Automated DNA Extractor

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The full automation of DNA extraction is an innovative way to improve nucleic acid extraction. It not only increases output but also reduces working time, improving safety and quality. It also allows you to choose the protocol that you want and has a wide variety of preset protocols. Here are a few important features of an automated DNA extractor that you should look for. These factors are important when choosing an automated extractor.

The system is flexible in use. It can be operated with different reagents, modifying each step of the process. The system uses an international patent on the "Magtration(r) Technology" to eliminate cross contamination and minimize manual work. The PSS DNA extractor is distributed to global markets by OEM partners and also sells its own brand. In addition to selling its own products, PSS provides services and supplies to several leading pharmaceutical companies, including BioGene, Roche and Abbott.

The DNA extractor can be fully automated or manual. A chemagic kit can be used to identify different types of DNA and RNA. The DNA and RNA extraction systems can handle multiple targets at one time. The highly automated version can be operated on samples in small volumes, eliminating the need for manual operation. The automatic unit can be programmed to use various reagents or to change reaction conditions. For high yield and purity, the PSS system should integrate with lab management systems.

A fully automated DNA extraction machine is a valuable tool for researchers in the lab. These instruments can save time and effort by removing manual steps and reducing overall processing time. Furthermore, a fully automated DNA extractor is more reproducible, ensuring accurate results from one run to the next. The instrument is designed to produce consistent results from various batches. Moreover, each KingFisher DNA extraction system offers optimized protocols for nearly every downstream application.

A fully automated DNA extractor is a highly versatile machine that allows researchers to customize it for different uses. A typical DNA extractor uses a variety of reagents and can change the reactions according to their needs. Another advantage of a PSS DNA extractor is that it has a patent for its core technology. The company sells its own brands and distributes them globally through OEM partners. A fully automated DNA extraction system will allow you to customize the DNA extraction process to meet your needs.

A fully automated DNA extractor will automatically prepare DNA and RNA samples for analysis. Its highly efficient magnetic beads deliver high yield and quality extractions. This machine has a wide range of options and is highly flexible. It can handle the different targets of DNA analysis and is designed to provide consistent results. In addition to being an excellent choice for any laboratory, the oKtopure will enhance your workflow and make your research easier and more productive.


Benefits of a Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

An automated nucleic acid extraction system can improve the efficiency of your laboratory workflow by reducing the number of manual steps and increasing the yield and purity of your results. Many different sample types can be processed with chemagic kits, making them a versatile tool for high-throughput, high-quality analysis. These instruments also offer enhanced safety and quality, while minimizing the chance of human error. Here are some of the benefits of a fully automated system.

The AutoMate Express System is a benchtop instrument that provides hands-free automation of the nucleic acid extraction process. It uses a proprietary method of extraction called PrepSEQ, which delivers high yield and quality. It holds magnetic beads containing DNA or RNA, and transfers the samples to separate them. This allows for reproducible results and a shorter time-to-results.

The AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System is a benchtop instrument that uses the same reagents as solid-phase nucleic acid extraction. The automated system can extract RNA and DNA from one or more samples, and it is easy to use. Unlike manual methods, it is also affordable, as the reagent kits are prefilled with a solution to reduce manual work.

The CyBio FeliX Extraction System is an automated nucleic acid extraction system that uses a unique combination of hardware, software, and kits. The AutoMate Express is designed for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction and flexibility with the number of samples. It can process samples of any size, from one to 96. Its pre-filled kits reduce manual steps and routines. Moreover, the AutoMate Express uses a proprietary pre-fill protocol, ensuring cross-contamination-free purity.

The CyBio FeliX Extraction System is a unique combination of hardware, software, and kits. It is ideal for high-throughput nucleic acid extraction. Its software allows you to select and save your own set of samples, and customize your workflow. This highly flexible nucleic acid extraction system will maximize your productivity by minimizing manual steps and maximizing your efficiency. Aside from reducing your workload, it will also ensure high-quality DNA recovery.

The CyBio FeliX Express System is an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that offers fully automated nucleic acid extraction. It is suitable for high-throughput DNA and RNA and is ideal for downstream purification. Its patented chemistry technology reduces contamination and streamlines the workflow. The AnaPrep Express system also provides a wide range of consumables. These kits are compatible with a variety of sample preparations, including blood, urine, and cell lines.

The VERSA NAP Automated DNA Extraction System from Aurora is an innovative technology for automated DNA and RNA extraction. It automates the entire DNA and RNA extraction processes and provides highly accurate results. It also has the capability to optimize your NGS workflow by providing quality purified eluates with no human intervention. This fully automated nucleic acid extraction system is compatible with Roche Sample Prep Solutions.

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