Benefits of Filtered Pipette Tips

The filter barrier on filtered pipette tips helps prevent sample carryover and contamination. Compared to the non-filtered tips, these ensure more robust results and can be a great training aid for new lab members. The tips can also be disposed of easily, making it easier to dispose of contaminated pipettes rather than having to send […]

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ELISA Test For Which Disease?

ELISA stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. This type of test relies on the interaction of antibodies to antigens (foreign substances) in the body. Antibodies are made to neutralise these substances, stimulating the immune response. There are many different types of ELISA tests used in the laboratory, and the results from each can help physicians determine […]

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What Rapid Test Does CVS Do?

Thousands of MinuteClinics are already offering rapid strep throat and influenza tests. CVS Health Corp. will roll out these tests at 1,100 locations nationwide by mid-November. The company first piloted these services at HealthHUB stores in Houston last year. The company is now expanding the program to clinics across the country. The company is hoping […]

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RTK Swab Test Price

The RTK swab test price ranges from RM40 to RM100 for a single test, depending on the number of people tested. In Sri Kebbangan, the cost of the swab test is RM60 for one person and RM40 for a hundred. In Banting, the price per person varies from RM80 to RM100. The price for the […]

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InGaAs Linear Image Sensor

An InGaAs linear image sensor is an optical detector with an array of InGaAs photodiodes and a charge amplifier. Its main use is in near-infrared multichannel spectrophotometry. This sensor features high sensitivity and high stability and has a hermetically sealed package. It can be used in a variety of applications, from medical diagnostic equipment to […]

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Important Features of a Fully Automated DNA Extractor

The full automation of DNA extraction is an innovative way to improve nucleic acid extraction. It not only increases output but also reduces working time, improving safety and quality. It also allows you to choose the protocol that you want and has a wide variety of preset protocols. Here are a few important features of […]

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RB Medical Supply has introduced its COVID-19 PPE Kits. The VTM Collection Kit is a complete package of the necessary PPE for a person to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This kit is designed to provide all the necessary safety precautions needed for the safe handling of viral specimens. Besides, these kits can be stored […]

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Differences Between Eia And Elisa

It is underlined that ELISA package manufacturers should standardize kits. The invention of ELISA and its types are presented in a sequence. MicroVue Serum PYD supplies a quantitative measure of the excretion of pyridinoline cross-link in serum. Although the indirect ELISA for HIV is a delicate assay, there are several complicating concerns. The punctured web […]

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Automated Storage And Retrieval System

The system ensures that the earliest date objects are retrieved on priority earlier than they expire and turn into unsaleable. The computerised system thus facilitates automated retrieval of loads from set storage locations inside the warehouse with precision, accuracy and pace. The AMR stores the stock or tote on itself, and then navigates down the […]

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What is Pipette Holder System?

Meeting the very best wants of precision and accuracy while providing excessive flexibility by way of many variants, the Research plus will become an indispensable companion in your lab. Eppendorf pipettes are fragile devices that can be simply damaged. Due to their relatively high price, you should handle this device with care. Your pipette might […]

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